Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Music

My little Sophie has loved music ever since she was in the womb when I would play "Sleep Sound in Jesus" to calm her to sleep. Things didn't change once she was born, but the music was a little less sleepy and lot more "cheery" kiddish music. Well last year I told her sternly (she was 8 months) that after Thanksgiving mommy listens to nothing but Christmas music until they don't play it on the radio anymore. She was pretty agreeable considering that at that time she didn't know she could voice her opinion over what we listen to. Well a whole lot has changed in the last year and my little opinionated Sophie dictates what we are going to listen to before I even get my seat belt buckled. "Mommy I unt zoo zoo zoo or duck duck or joy joy." When I told her again this year that we would be listening only to Christmas music after Thanksgiving she was not so agreeable. Let's just say Christmas music is not as fun when you have a 20-month old screaming at you "gimme zoo zoo now", so I decided to look for a compromise. Well this CD is the compromise
"America's 25 Favorite Christmas Songs for Kids." Sophie absolute loves it. We've listened to "Children Go Where I Send Thee" 35 times (no kidding my mac keeps track). Sophie calls it the "baby" song because I think that's the only word she actually understands the meaning of. She sings it none the less. So if you have little ones consider this CD for Christmas fun. If you have other ideas feel free to comment.

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